Coronavirus Covid19 update

There is now no doubt that the COVID-19 outbreak is serious and having a dramatic impact on businesses all over the world.

We, as many other companies will be, are looking at ways to ensure it is ‘business as usual’ for our customers and undertaking private coronovirus testing where we can.

First and foremost, the health and wellbeing of the WordPress Website Designs Creative Team, along with their families, are absolutely of the utmost importance to Steve and I.

In order to protect the team from the risk of infection much as possible, we have put a plan into action that will allow the team to work split-shifts between the studio and from the safety of their own homes.

We have additional stock ordered and the split-shifts will ensure printing deadlines are met, job collections are possible and the phones are answered. Overall, this really shouldn’t have any adverse impact to your graphic design, website design and print jobs.

The WordPress Website Designs Creative team all feel very fortunate to have jobs that make it possible to work remotely. All of our systems are online so the team will have access to your files, previous jobs, job booking system and the all-important weekly work calendar. This system has always been in-place although it was never expected it would be required in this way.

There might be in a situation where the team gets busier over the next few weeks, while clients prepare for what happens after the initial stages of the Coronavirus, and we are setup to deal with this also.

WordPress Website Designs Creative completely relies on the fantastic team we have put together, as do every one of our valued clients. Please rest assured that we will be doing everything possible to complete your jobs as quickly as we always do!

We are still Good WordPress Website Designs!

On a side note, and a very important one, spare a thought for the fantastic work that the NHS do. This is a testing time for all, and the NHS staff will (and already are) go over-and-above their duties to keep everyone safe. Thank you!

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